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one line down

New Single


One Line down is a new single release by singer-songwriter Mahmood Khan.

The song was written and Produced by Khan in the beautiful and tranquil Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia.

'The song is about the joy in striving to achieve an inner balance in life cos it is never everything great 100% all the time. There's always one line down, Again.

'I was very fortunate to work with amazing musicians from Miami's Latin industry which is home to some of the most passionate musos I have ever come across. That's the great Ed Calle on Sax, Highly Acclaimed drummer Lee Levin, a very special performance by Julio Hernandez on bass, Gifted guitar player and a reliable and precise musician Camilo Velandia and Rock-solid producer and again an incredible human being and musician/magician Doug Emery on keys. I am really happy how this record sounds new and fresh. It is folkish with world music edge combined with the feeling of the vastness you can only experience in Australia', said Mahmood 


Made in Australia


 Mahmood Khan represents an exclusive rare breed of singer/songwriters to emerge out of Asia who, amongst extreme difficulties, kept their art alive and dedicated a lifetime to celebrate the resilience and adaptability of the human spirit. An experienced sound engineer, producer, writer, lyricist and performer, he has pioneered the fusion sound and has continually brought hope to his niche listeners around the world with his spiritual pop oriented songwriting and philosophy. 

Born in Pakistan to parents who migrated from India after the 1947 war he wrote songs at an early age and started off as an assistant sound engineer in Los Angeles at a company that was a hub for R&B, Rap, hip hop and Funk genres. Jam power productions led by visionary Tom Berry was based in Northridge, California and was home to producers Chuckii Booker, Livio Harris, Damon Thomas, Budd Ford, Ronni Van, Leon Sylvers, Louis Johnson among many others.

 His first break in Los Angeles came when his song won the Los Angeles songwriters showcase setting him up with a gig with veteran music producer George Tobin.

 In the sub continent region where original singer/ songwriters are extremely rare Mahmood’s love for original songs was kept alive and inspired by writers such as Barry Gibb, Michael Omartian, Paul Simon, Aziz Mian Qawal, Stevie Wonder, George Harrison and David Foster. Many singers all over the world have recorded his songs notably Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who collaborated on album ‘only one’ Internationally released in 1997 selling over 6 million units.

He was also commissioned by the Government of Pakistan to compose for the 9th SAf games opening and closing ceremonies.

 In 2009 Mahmood penned the song 'Like the river', which was recorded Live at Sydney Opera House. This song was released in Australia as a single and shot to number one on the ARIA pop charts. 

Mahmood is the only Pakistani artist to perform on Australian mainstream Television Network, Channel 9's Kerri Ann show to celebrate '50 million views on Youtube'. 

In 2019 Mahmood recorded original compositions with the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra and also wrote and produced a song called 'Jagamarra,' dedicated to Aboriginal Australia.

A master musician he can develop different sounds for his songs by fusing exotic instruments while keeping the American Funk song formation as the foundation and original melodies as the soul. 

Previous work

Live from Fox Studios- Mahmood Khan with Willoughby Symphony- Jagamarra

Like the River- Live at Sydney Opera House

Sydney- Mahmood Khan Live with Willoughby Symphony Orchestra

Go On- Music Video shot in the Great Australian OutBack

TV Australia Channel 9 performance

Like the River Live @ Studios 301, Sydney, Australia

Blast from the Past

Agar-Recorded Live  in Islamabad, Pakistan

circa 2005